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Zija Mastery is an innovative educational program designed to propel you forward to peak wellness naturally

Imagine enjoying a life without limits, filled with persistent energy, heightened mental clarity, well-adjusted emotions, bounteous vigor, and exuberant vitality. In addition to realizing your peak quality of life, this level of living allows greater control of your well-being, happiness, and prosperity. You become the master of your life, free to participate in the activities that you enjoy most.


"Zija Mastery provides simple, relevant, and practical solutions to today’s challenges. Loaded with science, but written so that the masses can understand, it provides real-world guidance that can be implemented today."

-Dr. Scott Johnson


Scott A. Johnson

Scott A. Johnson is a multi-bestselling author and one of the most prolific natural health writers of the 21st century. His writings have empowered tens of thousands of individuals to realize greater wellness naturally through the use of natural solutions. His evidence-based approach to natural healing and experience applying medical research make him one of the world’s leading experts on the therapeutic application of essential oils. He pioneered evidence-based essential oil therapy, which combines the art of ancient healing with modern science to maximize the benefits of essential oils. He travels the globe sharing his passion for people and the secrets of natural healing.


Why should I attend?

The program serves to make improved wellness attainable to virtually anyone by adopting four simple strategies. These strategies are known as the Natural Health Revolution: Naturally Nourish with Core Moringa®, Naturally Condition with Ripstix® Fitness Supplements, Naturally Enhance with GenM® Personal Care, and Naturally Restore with Améo® Essential Oils. Each module enlightens attendees and offers important strategies that can be implemented today to support your overall wellness at the cellular level.


Exclusive Product Training

Zija’s Director of Education, Dr. Scott Johnson, provides the most in-depth and comprehensive product training available anywhere across the globe.

Unplugged Question & Answer

Take advantage of the opportunity to ask any of your product-related questions to find out how well Zija’s products can truly work for you.

Network with Like-Minded Individuals

You’ll be surrounded by hundreds of other Zija Members who are just as enthusiastic as you are in taking control of their health and product knowledge!

In-Depth Educational Textbook

Attendees will receive an expert reviewed and written 4-module course book to complement the live lecture series (a $49 value).

Informative & Shareable Brochures

In addition to the textbook, you can take home simple, easy-to-share brochures to help spread the knowledge you gained!
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Pleasanton, California
May 18, 2019
(1:00 – 5:30 PM)

Four Points by Sheraton Pleasanton
5155 Hopyard Road
Pleasanton, CA 94588


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